Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Find Vieques Biobay, Puerto Rico ‘A Mesmerizing Experience’

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members have always enjoyed their visits to the Mexican Peninsula. Moreover, among the different holiday destination in Mexico, Puerto Rico stands out to be the most favorite. With its beautiful sandy beaches, sunny afternoons and mystifying lagoons, Puerto Rico is sure to attract you with its beauty and colorful culture and traditions.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members have always enjoyed lazing around on the sandy coastlines on the West Coast of Puerto Rico where both humans and turtles love to nest  in the warmth of its soft sands. This is the real reason this area is known as Playa Tortuga meaning Turtle Beach. While holiday in this exotic land tourist can even drive through its tropical forest exploring and discovering unique animals and plants species that can never be found at another place. While enjoying the natural beauty that Puerto Rica is endowed with you can witness its beautiful streams and cascading waterfalls, climb and trek down its majestic mountains. And if you are interested in enjoying something unique tourist should visit the Camay Caves where they get to explore the dark and unknown caves that go at least 600 feet below where you can find underground rivers and enjoy rafting and trekking in the area.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also recommends tourists to visit Vieques Biobay the most extraordinary place to enjoy. A small canoe ride on a moonless night to Vieques Island turns out to quiet an exciting experiences as it is one of the most bioluminescent bay around the world and you can find everything even deep down in the water.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members also recommends the history buffs to  visit the Castillo de San Felipe, San Juan’s half century old fortified site near its sea with cannons and rooms for the people who tried to save the land from enemy invasions. Just a as Puerto Rico can turn out to be your dream holiday making travel plans with a reliable travel agents can be the ultimate decision to make your magical arrangements simply perfect.