Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club & Spa Vacation Churns Up Unforgettable Memoires

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club guest members feel secure putting all their vacation dreams into the hands of the staff members as this helps them to enjoy a new experience each time they return back for more fun. These resorts offer exotic locations, state of the art facilities, luxurious amenities and the best cuisine in the area.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club all inclusive services cater to a luxurious and relaxing stay, private beaches and fine dining restaurants that really make the entire experience an elegant affair. Guests can even enjoy its unique spa treatments that blend the charm and luxury of the beautiful resorts.

The Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club and Spa have relationships with golf courses around the Dominican Republic so you can find a golf course that you can enjoy. There is also state of the art gym and wellness centre on the grounds to fit all of your health needs.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members understand that the economic incentives of eco-tourism to the local community while making them more conscious of the natural areas and wildlife habitats. Moreover, it gives them the opportunity to meet and experience the local culture and traditions of their holiday destination and also helps in the conservation of the local environment by banning activities that degrade fragile environments.

This Dominican destination delivers you rejuvenating experiences that you certainly can’t enjoy any place else reminding you of the thousand of opportunities that await you on your limitless adventure.