Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights New Duty Free Shopping

Guests at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club can now enjoy duty free shopping during their stay.

duty free shop in dominican republic

Enjoy shopping in Duty Free with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is always committed to its members, and in order to give them unforgettable vacation experiences each year, it strives to create amazing new offers for members to enjoy each and every time they visit the resort. The unique combination of shopping, dining, and entertainment that Lifestyle offers  is just one of the many reasons that travelers enjoy visiting this Dominican Republic resort, and its sister resorts in Mexico, every year. It is only at these resorts that they can find unbeatable comfort and all the makings of a perfect vacation experience in an enthralling destination without ever having to go far. Now Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club announces yet another feature at their resort that will allow travelers to enjoy every moment of their vacation, and bring vacation memories home with them as well.

Now at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members can enjoy duty free shopping. The new shop open at The Tropical allows travelers to pick up the items that they need to enhance their vacation experience, and also offers them a wide variety of amazing inventory so that they can bring home great gifts as well. Open from 9 am to 11 pm each day, the shop is the perfect place to browse through incredible gifts including cigars, liquors, jewelry, perfumes, candies, and a variety of specialty Dominican products. With the stunning variety of luxury items, shoppers are sure to be thrilled with their finds when they take advantage of this new opportunity.

Once they find the perfect souvenir or the ideal gift for a loved one waiting bring back home, all a guest needs to do is provide his or her ID and room number, and sign the receipt and the merchandise is theirs. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club highly encourages visitors at the resort to enjoy this exclusive new shop during their upcoming vacations. Get the perfect product to bring home to always remember a fantastic vacation experience with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

When travelers are looking for extraordinary luxury, they can depend on the amenities, accommodations, and activities that are available through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The stunning resort in the Dominican Republic has become a second home to members that anxiously await their visits each and every year, as it offers them extraordinary chances to craft the perfect getaways with their loved ones. Ever committed to providing unforgettable vacation experiences, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club continually adds new options for members, such as its new resort stays in Mexico.