Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members explain: A lost paradise in the south of Costa Rica near Panama, the Osa Peninsula is the kind of place that adventure films are made of. A volcanic area with lagoons, inlets and exotic wildlife of many kinds, even jaguars! There are many hotels and ecolodges where one can meet other travelers to trade stories, share photos and get ideas on where to go next. The Osa Peninsula has a tropical climate with beautiful coastal views. The main bay has crystal clear water surrounded by mountains lush with old growth tropical forests, monkeys and waterfalls abound. There are tricky, and challenging paths through these areas, a guide is recommended. Bring your mosquito net to the Osa Peninsula and don’t forget the bug repellent! Osa is great for camping and diving as well as surfing on the outer shores. The area is also renowned for excellent sport fishing, all in all the Osa Peninsula has something for the entire family.

Manuel Antonio and Corcovado National Parks are two nearby reserves that can be easily explored on a day trip or for several days. There are spectacular caves and grottoes at the water’s edge that can be explored conjuring up images of a time when pirates hid their treasure chests in these secluded locations. The Parrots that live in Osa are the largest in the region which adds truth to some old pirate folklore. As for fishing, marlin and sailfish are the catch of the day, just like in the movie “Jaws” you might need to get a bigger boat!

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After fighting off the sea monsters, you may want to have a cookout on the beach or enjoy a good night’s sleep after a candle light dinner at your nearby luxury ecolodge. For the more rugged or not so rugged down to earth travelers there are exotic, hand crafted ecolodges that tower just above the trees for an awesome view. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also advises tourist  that there are also occasional tree houses or observation platforms for a bird’s eye view of the foliage and animals that live within the jungle canopy. These ecolodges are designed to fit in with the natural surroundings, and they do a good job of it. Osa Peninsulas Eco lodges are a reminder that it is today more important than ever to remember to leave the land as you found it for others to enjoy, as well as to educate generations to come about the importance of conservation.