Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Proudly Offers Kosher Meals

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is one of the leading travel clubs in the industry because of the first-class amenities and services that this company provides. Anyone that has planned a vacation recently understands how expensive the whole process is. You start to plan your dream vacation and then realize that you are going to have to cut back dramatically to get any amenities at all. Life is generally about sacrifice, but through choosing a vacation club you can get the best value for the money that you spend. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club also provides five-star chefs that are kosher certified to alleviate stress and worry from their guests.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club understands how difficult it can be to travel when you have specific dietary stipulations. Many resorts do not know how uncomfortable guests can become when they can’t safely eat in their hotel. To remove this issue with nutritional meals, the Puerto Plana location has hired kosher certified chefs to prepare all meals. These meal choices are a benefit to those that are living a kosher lifestyle and need to monitor everything that they eat.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club wants your vacation to be as perfect as you have painted it in your dreams. These chefs are world-renowned and prepare delicious food whether for a kosher diet or not. Also, there are many additional options for even the pickiest eater, so that mealtimes are something that you don’t have to worry about while you are on vacation. There are so many families that struggle with booking accommodations because they fear that their children will not eat anything that the resort provides. This Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, in Puerto Plata, pays attention to all of these details so that you can focus on your vacation and nothing else.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is one of the best vacation clubs in the industry because they are focused on guest satisfaction above everything else. If you are interested in booking a holiday that you will remember for the rest of your life, you need to contact this vacation club. Go ahead and start planning your vacation, call Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club today.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Offers a Look at its Resort

While vacationing, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows the importance of offering guests perfect services and amenities and is proud to offer their members the ultimate vacation experience at their resort. Guests not destined for the beach can swim, relax in a hot tub, Get a great view of the tropical paradise from a terrace, dine outdoors, relax under an umbrella, or sit in a comfortable cabana. There is absolutely something for everyone at the resort so that they can find what they need to make their perfect vacation experience.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shows its resorts

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club has amazing properties


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Advice on How to Reduce Air Travel Complaints for Summer 2015

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals its best advice for being a conscientious traveler this summer.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals its best advice for being a conscientious traveler this summer.

When it comes to flying, there are many issues and complaints that travelers have no matter when they travel. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that the people who travelers sit next to can either significantly improve or put a damper on a vacationer’s flight experience. In order to be a conscientious airline traveler, LHVC is providing these tips. By following them, many complaints about rude or inconsiderate passengers will be resolved.

  1. Refraining from disrupting others
    One of the biggest complaints that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club receives from travelers are comments about how loud their seatmates were. Whether it’s talking loudly to someone nearby or playing music at extremely loud levels, these neighbors can turn a pleasant flight into a nightmare. Always consider the fact that everyone is in a confined space or that other passengers might desire to catch up on some sleep before arriving at their next destination or boarding their next flight.

  1. Not everyone wants to have a conversation
    When taking long flights, it is not uncommon to feel the need or desire to strike up a conversation with the closest person in order to break the monotony and the silence. Sometimes, passengers do not wish to talk or hold a conversation for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that if a fellow passenger seems stand-offish or fails to reply, it may not be best to keep trying to converse with them.
  2. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
    Because airplanes are an extremely confined space, it is easy to feel cramped and want to stretch out. This can turn into a problematic situation, however. Many frequent fliers complain about the person in front of them who puts their chair so far back and it constricts their own personal space. Others complain about the person next to them who hogs both arm rests, and who falls asleep on their shoulder. Whenever possible, try to keep within the confines of one’s seat in order to make the flight a pleasant experience for everyone involved reminds Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

For more tips on how to be a better flier and other travel-related advice, visit  

Take in the Sunset with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club enjoys the sunset

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers amazing views

While staying at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort, there are many things for members to do from scuba diving to lounging by the pool. However, when the day reaches its end, there is nothing more lovely than taking in the sunset. Watch the sky transform in shades of blue, purple, pink, and gold as the last rays of the sun fall behind the horizon and enjoy the peace that it brings you. Bring your partner on a romantic walk or simply enjoy the view while relaxing on the beach.