Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Delivers Best Deals For You in Salt Lake City

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members experience the world’s best accommodation deals in Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City is one of the most beautiful, safe and vibrant city to spend your holidays in. Being a member of Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club you get unparallel access to the natural recreation and also get the chance to enjoy the bustling night life.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members enjoy their visits to the famous the Utah State Capitol Building, which is a Renaissance styled building with depressions and era murals which depict its past history. The privilege that all Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members love to enjoy is the visit to the famous Off Broadway Theatre which is the perfect hot spot for the people who have an artistic instinct in them and love acting and comedy plays.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members who are on vacation with their families enjoy the trip to the Clark Planetarium which is quite educational in itself. Visitors at the planetarium enjoy several science exhibits pertaining to the black hole and galaxies surrounding us. Tourists love to buy souvenirs for their friends back home from the souvenir shop.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members when travelling with their family always visit the Lagoon Amusement Park which has a beach water park and has fun for people of all ages. Plus the Utah’s Hoogle Zoo is another all time favorite spot for the young kids as they enjoy the animal adventure and love to see the exotic species of animals that they have not seen before.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members enjoy vacationing in the best luxurious hot spots in Park City that are within easy reach of all the main tourist attractions of Salt Lake City. And thus you can even visit downtown and enjoy a meal at the famous traditional restaurants when you have nothing to do in the evening. They serve the best mouth watering traditional recipes that should never be missed. Especially the Bay leaf café which serves the best home made meals that reminds and makes you feel that you are not far from your home. These are the east mouth watering restaurants that all the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members love to eat in.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club option is simply the best as it helps in saving money when you can avail all the benefits of being a member and get all the discounts and privileges that come with it.


Dominican Republic Jazz Festival was a total success says Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

The Islands richest music festival; the Dominican Republic Jazz Festival est. in 1992 is attracting musicians and guests to partake in this fun filled event.

dominican republic jazz festival 2015

Travelers enjoyed this Jazz Festival with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club invites its members and their guests to enjoy what is hailed to be as the “oldest and most important free musical festival on the island.”The festival will be held in Puerto Plata, which is one of three coastal cities within driving distance from several LHVC resorts where visitors can experience the best of Latin Jazz artists.

Arrangements can be made by the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club to transport festival goers from the resort in Puerto Plata to the nearby coastal cities of Sousa and Cabarete to capture the entire four-day festival experience. The Dominican Republic Jazz Festival begins on Nov. 4 in Santiago, then travels to Sousa on Nov. 5, before making its appearance in Puerto Plata on Nov. 6, and then ending in Cabarete on Nov. 7. The shores of the coastal cities that will be filled with the world’s best jazz those evenings are all within a 30-minute drive along the break-taking edge of the Dominican Republic.

LHVC also recommends members check out some of the great workshops and clinics for youth the artists have created along the coast.

The festival experience includes a line up of Manual Tejada, from the Dominican Republic, Berklee Global Jazz Institute, from the United States, and David Sanchez, of Puerto Rico.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends that jazz enthusiasts plan their fall 2015 vacations to include this wonderful cultural event.  Guests have the luxury of flying into the International Airport Gregorio Luperon (POP) in Puerto Plata, just minutes away from the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.  As the eighth largest city in the Dominican Republic, guests have the luxury of accessing the tropical city life of the island during the four-day festival.

During their stay at the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, guests can enjoy easy access to popular Puerto Plata attractions, including the famous cable car ride, a safari, the San Felipe Fort, a cigar factory, a rum distillery, ecological tours, and the Ocean World Adventure Park Marina and Casino.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Highlights New Duty Free Shopping

Guests at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club can now enjoy duty free shopping during their stay.

duty free shop in dominican republic

Enjoy shopping in Duty Free with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club is always committed to its members, and in order to give them unforgettable vacation experiences each year, it strives to create amazing new offers for members to enjoy each and every time they visit the resort. The unique combination of shopping, dining, and entertainment that Lifestyle offers  is just one of the many reasons that travelers enjoy visiting this Dominican Republic resort, and its sister resorts in Mexico, every year. It is only at these resorts that they can find unbeatable comfort and all the makings of a perfect vacation experience in an enthralling destination without ever having to go far. Now Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club announces yet another feature at their resort that will allow travelers to enjoy every moment of their vacation, and bring vacation memories home with them as well.

Now at Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members can enjoy duty free shopping. The new shop open at The Tropical allows travelers to pick up the items that they need to enhance their vacation experience, and also offers them a wide variety of amazing inventory so that they can bring home great gifts as well. Open from 9 am to 11 pm each day, the shop is the perfect place to browse through incredible gifts including cigars, liquors, jewelry, perfumes, candies, and a variety of specialty Dominican products. With the stunning variety of luxury items, shoppers are sure to be thrilled with their finds when they take advantage of this new opportunity.

Once they find the perfect souvenir or the ideal gift for a loved one waiting bring back home, all a guest needs to do is provide his or her ID and room number, and sign the receipt and the merchandise is theirs. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club highly encourages visitors at the resort to enjoy this exclusive new shop during their upcoming vacations. Get the perfect product to bring home to always remember a fantastic vacation experience with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

When travelers are looking for extraordinary luxury, they can depend on the amenities, accommodations, and activities that are available through Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. The stunning resort in the Dominican Republic has become a second home to members that anxiously await their visits each and every year, as it offers them extraordinary chances to craft the perfect getaways with their loved ones. Ever committed to providing unforgettable vacation experiences, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club continually adds new options for members, such as its new resort stays in Mexico.

New Dining Options Revealed by Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

Taking an unforgettable vacation is easy when travelers have everything that they need to enjoy an extraordinary trip all in one place. They can find all that they are dreaming of and more when they travel to the Dominican Republic and stay at the exclusive all-inclusive Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort. There are many amenities and offerings available at the resort that are sure to thrill members, and when they come on their next vacation, they are guaranteed to find something extraordinary, especially when they take advantage of new dining options available at the resort.

In the coming month, members who visit the Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club resort in the Dominican Republic will find that they have a number of extraordinary dining options available to them. There are many wonderful restaurants at the resort, and even opportunities to have breathtaking private meals on the beach. One of the best dinning choices at the resort is the AZUL Gourmet Restaurant located in the Lifestyle Tower, and now, visitors who come to the resort will be able to experience some great new selections.

There are three brand new Chef Special Selections now featured at the AZUL Gourmet Restaurant. When those staying at the resort come to the restaurant, one of the delectable new options available to them is Chateaubriand with Fungi and Béarnaise Sauce. Another delight is a Flambé Trolley featuring seasonal fruit. Finally, there is also a Baked Potatoes and Green Asparagus Chef Special that diners can enjoy when they take in a meal at the restaurant with their loved ones. Try these special new dishes and be treated to a delightful and delicious night of dining unlike any other recommends Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers members the exclusive opportunity to have an unforgettable vacation experience whether they are headed to the resort in the Dominican Republic or taking advantage of one of the many Mexico getaways available through Lifestyle. These vacations are one of a kind, as Lifestyle always goes the extra mile to offer its members the ultimate in luxury and comfort with a number of unmatched amenities. Whether a traveler is taking a family vacation, getting ready for a special occasion in a spectacular destination, or planning a long awaited couple’s getaway, they are sure to find what they want when they vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. Visit for more information on planning an unforgettable stay in the Dominican Republic.


Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Provides Advice on How to Reduce Air Travel Complaints for Summer 2015

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals its best advice for being a conscientious traveler this summer.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club reveals its best advice for being a conscientious traveler this summer.

When it comes to flying, there are many issues and complaints that travelers have no matter when they travel. Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that the people who travelers sit next to can either significantly improve or put a damper on a vacationer’s flight experience. In order to be a conscientious airline traveler, LHVC is providing these tips. By following them, many complaints about rude or inconsiderate passengers will be resolved.

  1. Refraining from disrupting others
    One of the biggest complaints that Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club receives from travelers are comments about how loud their seatmates were. Whether it’s talking loudly to someone nearby or playing music at extremely loud levels, these neighbors can turn a pleasant flight into a nightmare. Always consider the fact that everyone is in a confined space or that other passengers might desire to catch up on some sleep before arriving at their next destination or boarding their next flight.

  1. Not everyone wants to have a conversation
    When taking long flights, it is not uncommon to feel the need or desire to strike up a conversation with the closest person in order to break the monotony and the silence. Sometimes, passengers do not wish to talk or hold a conversation for a variety of reasons. It is important to remember that if a fellow passenger seems stand-offish or fails to reply, it may not be best to keep trying to converse with them.
  2. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries
    Because airplanes are an extremely confined space, it is easy to feel cramped and want to stretch out. This can turn into a problematic situation, however. Many frequent fliers complain about the person in front of them who puts their chair so far back and it constricts their own personal space. Others complain about the person next to them who hogs both arm rests, and who falls asleep on their shoulder. Whenever possible, try to keep within the confines of one’s seat in order to make the flight a pleasant experience for everyone involved reminds Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club

For more tips on how to be a better flier and other travel-related advice, visit  

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Explores 3 New Mexico Resorts

Mexico marked on the map alongside a compass

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares information on three of these great resorts so that each and every traveler can find the perfect one for them

When you vacation with Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club, you know that you are being treated to a vacation experience unlike any other. Lifestyle is committed to the perfect vacation for each of its members, which is why it is always finding new ways to intrigue and please members with great amenities, entrainment, attractions, and even destinations. Recently, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members have found that they are able to enjoy the coveted Lifestyle experience in some stunning Mexico destinations. Here, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club shares information on three of these great resorts so that each and every traveler can find the perfect one for them.

Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Cancun: This resort is the ideal spot to enjoy all things Cancun. Located just 20 minutes from the lively downtown area, this resort holds all the magic of this buzzing city. When you visit you can enjoy 18 different restaurants, as well as 14 bars where you can have the perfect night out says Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club. During the day you can also enjoy heading to the golf course, the spa, or of course, the beach with your friends of family.

Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Palm: Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club knows that families need opportunities to vacation together each year. When you go on your family vacation this year, you can visit this fantastic resort in Mexico to have an unforgettable time. This resort is specifically aimed at families and kids, with special family attraction and events that everyone can enjoy together.

Grand Lifestyle at Oasis Sens: Looking for an escape for a stunning couples getaway? If so, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends this couples only resort. This resort offers the perfect setting for romantic days spent spending time in this gorgeous beach setting. Couples will also have thrilling nights out with bars, restaurants, and entertainment that will help couples craft a memorable vacation getaway together.

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club Reveals Lively Couples Only Resort in Cancun

Newlywed couple on the beach holding hands

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club offers resorts for couples to spend their honeymoon

Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club members who are gearing up for their next vacation should know that as a member they have a number of amazing opportunities to always have a unique experience when they travel with Lifestyle. While the resort in the Dominican Republic is always a favorite with a lot to offer a variety of different families, couples, individual travelers, and groups, travelers many want to try something new on their next vacation.

If you want a new way to enjoy your membership, you should be sure to consider taking advantage of one of the amazing new opportunities to visit Cancun at the Grand Lifestyle Resorts. Each of these is unique and offers a special experience for travelers, but for couples who want to get away and rekindle the romance without the kids, or just want a blissful atmosphere to celebrate their time together, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club recommends the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens. This is a 21 and up resort that offers travelers a lovely and romantic Cancun getaway complete with endless entertainment options.

When you visit the Grand Lifestyle at Grand Oasis Sens, be sure to take advantage of the many unique entertainment opportunities that the resort has to offer. Head to the spa to be pampered, or try a relaxing game of golf. You can also head to the beach or the pools to cool off and enjoy the beautiful Cancun weather. When you want a great way to spend a night out with your partner, Lifestyle Holidays Vacation Club encourages you to try one of the 9 restaurants at the resort, or go to one of its 9 bars to celebrate with a great meal or some special cocktails. You can top your night off by attending one of the amazing Las Vegas style performances that are showcased at the resort. With so many options, you are sure to appreciate this special couples getaway and create treasured memories with your partner that will last a lifetime.